Dog Colognes

Petway Petcare Dog Cologne Range

Petway Petcare is a company that understands the importance of making sure your pet smells as sweet as he or she looks. That’s why our colognes contain naturally based, skin-friendly ingredients like coconut oil. We know it’s not always possible to give your pet a bath when they need it, and some animals are just born with a “noticeable” scent. Our colognes are designed to keep your fur baby smelling fresh in between baths, or even when you don’t have time to wash them.  They also have conditioning properties to make the coat soft and smooth. Just spray our cologne on your pet and you’re good to go!You can also use on their bedding if it’s a bit smelly. Our colognes come in a variety of scents. They help reduce that "doggy" smell, which is nice if you're taking your pet out and about.

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