“We only use premium cosmetic grade raw ingredients, natural essential oils and herbal extracts.”

Petway Petcare Grooming Products, Woof & Meow Pamper Range and Cotex Multi-Purpose Insecticidal Shampoo are formulated and adjusted to strict quality standards to be pH 5.5 – 6.5.

Traditional soap products are alkaline by nature (pH 9 – 9.5) and thus tend to be rather harsh on skin and hair and hard to completely rinse. All of our products are naturally based, bio-degradable, free of phosphates, parabens and enzymes, animal cruelty-free and environmentally responsible. All of our products are soap-free and pH-balanced for animals sensitive skin.

For optimum performance and easy rinsing characteristics, Petway Petcare, Woof & Meow & Cotex shampoos use:

  • Mild wetting agents (derived from coconut and other plant based oils as required)
  • Amphoterics (plant derived surfactants that have both anionic and cationic properties, i.e. behaves as a hair conditioner as well as a cleanser)
  • Emollients (moisturisers)
  • Fragrance (residual aroma)
  • Conditioners

The entire Petway range of veterinary cosmetics have been formulated through the critical review of an extensive range of both new and current ingredients. From the vast number of alternatives examined, we have selected the best.

Products are formulated with natural oils and essences that are simultaneously efficacious and beautifully scented. They provide a soothing and non-irritating grooming and bathing experience for our four-legged friends.

The formulations yield a rich and fluffy lather and rinse away easily. Petway Petcare and Woof & Meow shampoos are formulated to cleanse safely and gently while leaving your pet’s coat bright, shiny and perfumed better than ever before with a pleasant long lasting aroma. Our quality developed formulas impart new revitalizing lustre and gloss to the coat, leaving pets perfectly clean and looking fabulous.