“Read some of the reasons our valued customers love our products.”

Too Happy with Petway Petcare 

I have been using Petway Petcare products since I first started in the grooming business, almost 18 months ago, and I absolutely love the products.

I have had a few companies trying to win my business, but tell them I am too happy with Petway Petcare!!!!

Thank you Petway Petcare!


Groomer – Forest Lake, Qld

You Can Achieve Amazing Results

I have been using Petway Petcare products for the past 8 years. Previously I had trouble with other well know shampoo brands with skin irritations, but with Petway Petcare I have NEVER had a dog with an irritation, in some cases it has cured the dogs existing skin conditions. Preparation is such an important part of the grooming process and with the Petway Petcare shampoos and grooming products, you can achieve amazing results.

Tash Savige


The Best Products We Have Ever Used 

Thank you for speaking with us at the Pet Expo recently in Sydney and thank you also for the samples of your Petway products. I can confidently say these are by far the best products we have ever used. We absolutely love them and our dogs look and smell fantastic. Their coats are easier to groom, feel softer, look cleaner and the fragrance is an added bonus. We look forward to using Petway Petcare in our business.


Owner - Tamaruke Australian Labradoodles

No hesitation in recommending

Dear Amber, as you are aware I have been a customer of Petway Petcare for many years and this is because all the Petway Petcare products I use for my dogs are so very good. My latest dog, Kaiser the 12 year old standard German Schnauzer is a rescue dog and was in extremely poor health. Why people have a dog and don’t look after is beyond my comprehension. Anyhow, he is with me now and I have him back to full health after a lot of work and expense and he is happy and content. His skin was in terrible condition and the vet recommended a series of treatments including Malaseb wash. While it was helpful it didn’t do much for his skin and so in the end I purchased your Skin Care Shampoo based on pine tar and after just three washes his skin is 90% normal. That’s outstanding. The bonus is that his coat looks shiny and healthy too and his skin isn’t dry anymore. The vet believes it is probably a combination of things causing the problem including a lower immune system as he is an older dog. Nevertheless I have no hesitation in recommending your Skin Care Shampoo to other dog lovers as Kaiser is doing so well.

Kent Bayley

Robina - QLD

Added Immense Value to our Operations 

Petway Petcare products have been an instrumental part of our Pet Day Spa for over a period of four years.

The quality and range of products Petway Petcare offer have added immense value to our operations simply by producing the end results of clean, oil free dog and cat coats which Mums and Dads marvel at.

Petway Petcare not only continuously produce amazing products, the level of service offered by the team is always there whenever called upon.

Petway Petcare products are that good we will not use anything else in our salon.

Kelli Smith

Director - NSW

Superior Results every time with Petway Petcare

We at Jim’s Dog Wash – Currumbin Waters would like to say how happy we and our clients are with your products. 

We have been operating for the past five years and have been exposed to a wide and varying quality and price orientated branded shampoos and conditioners for the pet market.

Your products have shone through in quality and price comparison, sure we could operate using cheaper products and in doing so our clients would not have the superior results we see day in day out. 

Our clients comment on the lasting fragrance and the lustre of their pooches coats. 

As the old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ this is indicative of the Petway Petcare products. 

Keep up the good work. Thanks.


Director - Gold Franchisee - QLD – Jim’s Dog Wash - Currumbin Waters, QLD

I stand behind their range of products

I have been using Petway’s range of grooming products in my salon for over 15 years and highly recommend.

I stand behind Petway’s range of grooming goods, their range is one of my preferred choices when I desire a specific grooming result and a great fragrance.

I am enjoying the Coarse Coat Shampoo for all my Poodle grooming. It gives plenty of volume to the coat and makes it ideal for scissoring. The Everyday Pink Shampoo and Everyday Pink Conditioner is my all-time favourite for an every day dog grooming range in my salon. 

The fragrances in Petway’s products are long-lasting and naturally-based and I guarantee quality in every bottle.

Specialized products that use natural refined oils, herbal extracts and all-natural pest control ingredients means that I have confidence in recommending Petway to everyone; from the home groomer, to the student groomer, to the show person. I know that the Petway range is formulated with your personal safety as well as your pet’s comfort and health in mind. 

Petway’s guarantee that all of their products are free of organo phosphates, organo chlorins, soaps, paraben and petro-chemicals makes their range one that I endorse and will continue to use on my award-winning Standard Poodles and in my professional grooming businesses.

Kylie Tatti

ICMG - Clippers – Clippers Grooming

So happy with the Petway Products 

I have been a pet groomer for over 44 years and during this time I have tried many pet shampoos but nothing has left me so excited with the results that Petway Petcare products give to my customers dogs.

I have been using Petway Petcare Natural Pink Shampoo in my salon for 10 years now.

My customers tell me that they love the fragrance and how it lasts for up to 3 days after there dog has been to my salon. They are so happy with the product that I sell numerous 250ml bottles of Petway Petcare Natural Pink Shampoo for them to use at home. It not only smells good it really cleans the dog and brings the white dogs back to a brilliant white.

As an owner of a Yorkshire terrier that has had skin problems from the time I got her 11 years ago. I was sick of using harsh chemicals to keep her skin from being itchy. I tried the Petway Petcare Natural Organic Coal Tar Lotion, left it on her to soak into the skin for 15minutes and then rinsed it off. Her red skin had cooled down and was back to pink again and her itching had stopped. I felt so relieved and so did Keekee. I have no hesitations in washing my dog twice a week in this product if she requires it just to keep her comfortable. I found that Petway Petcare Natural Organic Coal Tar Lotion does not dry out her long silky coat or her skin. When Keekee’s skin is not inflamed I can now wash her in the new Petway Petcare Natural Oatmeal Shampoo with Aloe Vera & Baking Sode & Petway Petcare Natural Oatmeal Conditioner with Aloe Vera as she has very sensitive skin.

At our grooming salon we use and recommend all of the above products as they really do work.

Helen Schmidt

Director - Gold Coast, QLD

These products will take my business to another level

I would like to thank you for getting your Adelaide distributor, Treat Your Dog / Trophy Pet Care, to get in contact with me. 

I have been hunting high and low for some cologne for months. Now thanks to him couriering me out a heap of free samples the next day when I was only interested in the cologne range, my hands are feeling softer, my cloths smell like I’m on holiday in the tropics drinking coconut water by the beach, the dogs look brighter, my customers love the colognes and I can’t wait to bath more dogs. 

Being a natural based product means a lot to me also. One of my customers also wanted a baby powder smelling cologne, well she is now thrilled thanks to you! 

I look forward to ordering more of your beautiful products. 

These products will take my business to another level now I’m so happy. 

I love Petway Petcare products! 


Doggy Styled, SA