Our Secret

Petway Petcare Our Secret

The secret to producing premium grade products that are economical to use, lovely to smell, deep cleansing while remaining gentle and at the same time provide a superb coat finish, lies principally in the following four factors:

  • The quality of each ingredient
  • The quantity of key ingredients in each product
  • How the ingredients are combined by our highly skilled chemists to achieve the greatest synergies
  • How the ingredients are blended to perfection in our ISO 9001 quality controlled APVMA registered facility

Key factors go into every Petway Petcare Product:

Economical to use

Higher product concentration means less product is required when diluting compared to many other pet grooming brands on the market.

Natural Aromas

Ingredients including essential oils and herbal extracts are chosen for their long lasting naturally occurring pleasant aromas combined with powerful but gentle cleansing power.

A Professional Finish

The gentle cleansing power of Petway Petcare products leave your pet with a superb coat finish while looking, smelling and feeling amazing.

Natural Ingredients

We only use premium, cosmetic grade, raw ingredients that are not tested on animals and cause no harm to animals.

Carefully Balanced

To provide the optimum efficiency of each ingredient to work in harmony with each other for the highest quality result.

Combined To Perfection

The formulations are carefully mixed and finally stirred to perfection by skilled professionals in an APVMA registered facility that is ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Accredited.